Uniqlo Snoopy T $15SGD

Duo coloured chiffon top $12SGD

Pink polo t tagged L $5SGD

Red polo t tagged L. $5SGD

Purple polo T tagged L. $5SGD

Lucky bunny leg T $7SGD 

Yellow chiffon top with green cuff sleeves. Green part can be unfolded $10SGD

FOXOUT black laced crop top. Elastic at bottom. Slight defect as seen. Not obvious in actual life as I have lighten the photos in order to see the defect more obviously. $6SGD

Galaxy chiffon top $12SGD

Newlook keyhole white top $15SGD

Butteredgun Galaxy Crop Top $18SGD 

Mint Peplum Chiffon Top $18SGD 

Hearts All over crop Top $5SGD 

Forever 21 Ambience Tagged M Polo T $18SGD 

Vintage American Smoke T $20SGD 

 Polkadot Chiffon Long Sleeves Top $10SGD

 Navy Chiffon Top $15SGD

Studded Chiffon Top $13SGD

Pop Out Logo Top $12SGD 

brand new. Nein reindeer chiffon top $16SGD

Floral Laced A lined dressy top $8SGD

BN A lined dressy top with vintage prints $10SGD

White sparkled on green A lined dressy top $8SGD

Gray halter tank $3SGD Fits UK 4-8

Flint stones T shirt $10SGD

Weaved pattern sleeves top $12SGD

Cat Moustache T $12SGD

Whales Design T $14SGD

Floral kimono dressy top $8SGD

Love is all you need T. Brand new with tag $10SGD

brand new with tag. Cotton on Microfibre push up halter neck bra $16SGD
tagged size 12B

BN ASOS Navy Boxy Fit UK8. $12SGD

Todly Chiffon Top


Brand new Supre Nude color Tank Top Tagged Size XS.

Brand New White Mesh Top $20SGD

Cotton on Tagged size S Aztec Diamond Tank. Meshed at the top of the back. $10SGD

BN Cotton on Guys tagged XS. Can be worn by ladies as an oversized shirt (Can be worn with leggings, or as an outerwear) $15SGD

Mint embroided V neck floral babydoll top $18SGD

Dragonfly chiffon top, slightly translucent, $8SGD, brand new.

Back ribbons.

 Chiffon ribboned top $3SGD brand new.

America Top. $12 SGD Brand new! 

Supre Floral chiffon top.

Tagged Size 3XS


Unworn by me; not sure about previous owner

Unworn Maroon Quarter Sleeved Top $4SGD (not worn by me not sure about previous owner)


A flap to cover all the buttons to ensure professionalism.

Buttoned Sleeve to roll up/ put down.

Great silky-chiffon material. Not translucent. 
G2000 Size 38 $15SGD only! True to last few pics


Jäger shimmer Babydoll top worn once $13SGD

Sky blue tank $2SGD condition 9/10

Green humor tank $3SGD

Skeleton crop top $8SGD

Giordano puff sleeves top $5SGD

H&M black ribbon top tagged EU36 $13SGD

Floral San Francisco t $15SGD

Hating Love T $6SGD

Cotton on floral top$8SGD Condition 9.5/10

Cotton on men T sizeS. $10SGD

77th street butterfly tank $10SGD worn once

Rainbow girl top $9SGD

Pastel hearted top $14SGD 

Crossback Green elastic tank. The white parts are elastic. Worn once $10SGD 

Aztec YEAH crop top $10SGD

Pug crop top $14SGD

Blue Aztec crop top$10SGD

Orange Aztec crop top $10SGD

White Crop Top $10SGD

Yellow Lined bubble dress $10SGD worn once

Old Navy tagged M black tank $3SGD

F21 black tank.$2SGD Alittle defect as shown in 2nd pic but everything else is fine. The elasticity etc. tagged S.

Baleno black tank $3SGD Tagged L.

F21 Dove Printed Top tagged S. $12SGD

Baleno Blue Polo T $5SGD
washed and worn once
Good stretchable Material
Tagged S

Super Mario Vintage T $8SGD
washed and worn once

Dolphin printed Cropped top. Slightly velvet material $10SGD 
free sized, measured PTP: 16", length: 18" washed and worn once

White Crop Top with Measuring Tape as design $5SGD
washed and worn once

Baleno Grey Polo T $5SGD
washed and worn once
Tagged S

Royal Blue Top $8SGD
Able to pull string to adjust to suitable size
washed and worn once

Cotton On Boxy Fit Pink Green Striped Top $10SGD

washed and worn twice
Tagged XXS

Cotton On Boxy Fit Black Grey Striped Top $10SGD

washed and worn twice
Tagged XXS

Vintage Bus Polyester Long Top $10SGD
washed and worn once

Blue muscle Tank Top with Slight Cuffed Sleeves

washed and worn once lightly

Checkered with Cut out Shoulder Chiffon Top $15SGD

washed and worn twice

Royal Blue Chain Collared Necklace Chiffon Top $10SGD
washed and worn twice

Moustache The Made Me Do It T $10SGD

Colorful Inksplash Black T $15SGD

Striped Block Top $10SGD

Diamond Pocket Slouch T $11SGD

Neon Pink Stud Shoes T $12SGD

Weekdays Simpsons T $12SGD

Anchor Printed Grey T $12SGD

Floral Band Flutter T $10SGD

Vintage Bicycle Riding T $10SGD

Vintage Ferris Wheel T $10SGD 

Floral Moustache T $12SGD

Wolf T $15SGD

Instagram T $12SGD

Francisco Floral Block Words T $18SGD

BYSI White Vintage Buckers Print T UK12. $10SGD

Mint Zebra T $10SGD

Tribal Pocket and Sleeves Top $15SGD

TDC Crochet Front Chiffon Blouse $12SGD

Geek T shirt in Forest Green. Washed and worn twice. $10SGD

Floral patterned top. Chiffon material with inner lining. Not transparent $12SGD

NET Gray babydoll top tagged size L $14SGD

forever 21 (f21) gray meshed front babydoll top $14SGD Tagged size L

Cotton on floral top $14SGD

Cotton on knitted peplum top. Tagged size S. similar to this newlook design. but its from cotton on.
$18SGD very good material.

 F21 Navy Net top with chain. chain has came off from the top since i have received it. only worn and washed once/twice only. chain is not worn. will be included with purchase.

F21 Ribbed Racerback Tank. Selling this exact same one in black. Slight threadings came loose but as threads are black its not noticeable. $3SGD

Xhileration Junior's V Neck Dressy Top. Selling the one in black $16SGD

Chiffon polka Green Top $8 SGD 

Elle Active Purple Stretchable Tank $10SGD

Vintage V neck doll top $5SGD

Pearly Collar Chiffon Top $12SGD

Polka dot Belted Baby doll Top

Description: Cute polka dot belt made of silk material. Tie a ribbon at the side or in the middle. Accentuate your waistline and hides little tummy(if you think you have one)


Superwoman Hero Tee

Tagged Size L - but it's not very big, because the tshirt is supposed to be worn tight fitting.

Description: Authentic DC comics - in case you don't know it's the shop in bugis junction that sells superman iconic items.

$15 SGD

Colorful owl cropped top $10SGD washed and worn once


 Mint bird print chiffon top $18SGD 

 Mint colored chiffon top $12SGD

Leopard electric blue chiffon top $9SGD washed and worn once

Owl printed tank top $10SGD washed and worn once

Tagged Size L Old Navy Long sleeved shirt $10SGD washed and worn once

Moustache Cropped Shirt $10SGD washed and worn once

Studded black shirt washed and worn once $18SGD

BUM surfing tee $2SGD

Artsy Fartsy Supre Babydoll Top

Very vibrant colors! washed and worn once/twice
$25 SGD

Electric blue tank


Gray polkadot chiffon shirt $8SGD

Black Chiffon Top
Didnt check when bought -> Hole at the bottom. But if shirt is tucked in it cannot be seen.
washed and worn once. $4SGD

 Flare Chiffon Top $4SGD

Mint Babydoll longsleeved top. (Fake two pieced)
color true to pic. 

Navy Sleeved Puff Top from Korea washed and worn once

Old Navy Tagged XS Tank Top. Dark Navy Color. washed and worn once


G2000 Purple tank top. Color is purple. like this at the font. Photo could not capture color well. washed and worn once

White Crochet Tank. $4SGD washed and worn once

F21 H81 Bow Back Cropped Top $25SGD
washed and worn once

"Recycle is in your heart" Long Tee.

Best suited with leggings.
Pepper Plus Tagged M.
Slight yellow stain as shown in 2nd pic.


Threadless T: "Rock your cock out"
$14SGD washed and worn once

Just add water! Duckling T. Suitable for Male size S or woman who wants a baggy fit.
$3 SGD

White Telepus Tee $5SGD

Monkey V Neck Tee.
Suitable for male S or ladies L. / baggy fit for average ladies. $5SGD

USA Victory Gray T washed and worn once $10SGD

Ebase Tank Top $7SGD. Preloved.

Zara TRF Black Knitwear Pullover.

Tagged size L. washed and worn once/twice
Can be worn with skater skirts.

Alano Sleeved Black Top
Tagged size S. washed and worn once

Little Miss Whoops. Not bugis street those lousy quality material.
Bought it at $20. washed and worn once
Selling for $5 now.

Ripped Denim Shirt. Crystal look-alike buttons.
washed and worn once

Sequined Nautical Top
washed and worn once

Pinstriped Top. Spandex material, stretchable.
Slight hole as shown at bottom. but not noticeable.
Elastic runched Bottom 
washed and worn twice
$8 SGD

Sleeveless Polkadot Shirt Dress. 2 pockets in front.

Crochet Lace Batwing Cotton on Top$6SGD


NET Tagged S Worn and washed once Blue striped Polo $20SGD
(top true to 2nd and 3rd pic)

EDC Tagged XL White Top $15SGD

Metallic button chiffon shirt, exact same piece - color is of a darker shade than 2nd pic washed and worn once $15SGD

Red polkadot top washed and worn once $5SGD 

Laced collar, comma polka printed top washed and worn twice $15SGD

Mint Spade Tshirt $10SGD

Navy Slouched Long Sleeved $10SGD

Floral Collar White Shirt washed and worn once $14SGD

Supre Laced Pocket Chiffon Top washed and worn twice $15SGD

Musical Notes Tee - $3SGD

Flutter top Navy dressy top $10SGD

F21 Green dressy frilly top washed and worn once $15SGD

Leopard Velvet Tank Top. Velvet material, very good quality. washed and worn once $12SGD

Mint Embroided floral top $15SGD

Ribboned chiffon top $10SGD selling the one in white, washed and worn once.

Laced at the back for a little sexiness.

Aeropostale Hensley Tee - selling the one in grey. tagged M/M. $20SGD 

 Polkadot tank top in black $5SGD

Tagged M Yellow Collar Shirt (Fake two piece) - $7SGD

Johnie walker black label - keep walking Tee $3SGD

FOX limited edition Clown Top (Ribbon tie at the back can be wrapped around waist)

tagged size 1. $10SGD

BUM black shirt $3SGD

Lycra exercising tee $10 SGD

BUM surf purple Tee $2sGD


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hello. may i know if th skater skirt can fit what size?

jen ng said...

Hi it can fit UK4-8 :) Elastic waist

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