Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) ♥

How long does the item take to reach me?
For instocks: 1-3 working days
For Sprees/Preorders: around 2-3 weeks after the preorder has closed.

What are instocks and preorders?
Instocks are stocks available on hand. Preorders are items that ASS will have to order from suppliers and usually takes a longer time than instocks.

What is the difference between sprees and preorders?
Preorders we will have all the pictures provided in our webpage and there are no second payment. For spree there will be a second payment and there will be more variety in products as you click to a third party page to order from us.

What's your bank account number?
Posb savings 209-28704-8

What are the colours for the (product)?
It'll be written in the description, if not, just go accordingly to the photos

What if my items are out of stock? 
Full refund will be made to you.

Can I please meet up with you elsewhere other than boon lay mrt station? Sorry, ASS is busy so strictly only at boon lay mrt station.

Can I meet up for payment? 
Nope, payment will only be concealed cash/bank transfer

What is concealed cash?
Put your cash into an envelope and send them through normal mailing to my address.

How many lost postages have you encountered?
Zero lost postages thus far.

Should I purchase from facebook/blog from you?
Both are fine. As long as you fill up the order form, the process will be the same.

Where is the order form?

It has been a long time since you've replied! Why? :(
ASS may be on holidays, please follow my twitter/facebook updates. Kindly send your email one more time to ASS in case it goes to junk mail.

I've submitted my order form! What shall I do now?
Don't panic, await for the invoice to be sent to you :)

Payment Methods:
1) Bank transfer to posb savings 209-28704-8
2) Concealed cash - address will be given to you once the order has been made

Collection Methods:
1) Normal postages
2) Registered postages 
3) Meet up strictly at boon lay mrt station only. 
*For purchases below $100, it comes with an extra charge of $1

Please read up Terms and Conditions before Ordering!

Do not hesitate, if there're any questions, email intrinsicmems@gmail.com for jen.


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